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Amber Penwarden

Project Description

My work explores the comfort and harm in our daily life and what we encounter within our surroundings in our home and which we are blind to see; for example the innocents of these children and babies. I created a tension between the nurturing environment and the toxic realities, as our home is a retreat but a retreat we are poising with our obsessive cleaning; with many products causing serious health damage and self-decay. I wanted to explore this topic within my project because I feel it is important to understand the harmful effect we cause to ourselves by keeping our home obsessively clean. My work has been based around 'household chemicals products and their health effect' this research has helped me stabilise my project through giving me better understanding and a flow with creative self-decaying ideas; toxic lolly pops, chemical staining baby grows, distorted tape baby grows and variety of toxic chemicals labels displaying health effects.

Amber Penwarden
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Fine Art.


L3 Art & Design Yr 1

Project Date

May, 2020


My destination after my first year on level 3 would be to complete it by doing the following year and then going onto the art foundation degree at South Devon College. My ambitions and intentions for the future would be an art educator or architect design.

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