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Angel Graham

Project Description

My main area of exploration for my work is nature and the idea of it having a consciousness. Gathering inspiration from my own life, journeys outside, friends, dreams and much more! I aspire to create work, which puts focus on the symbiotic relationship between humanity and nature (whether this is work which portrays a negative, neutral or positive one), I aim to heighten others awareness and appreciation of it. I portray these ideas concepts through a range of media, such as sculpture work, photography, painting and generally elevating nature and its importance in intriguing ways!. I feel as a result of COVID-19 and lockdown, our relationship with nature has been intensified. Our inability to go out has had many beneficial results for the environment and the wildlife within it! We can no longer hold ignorance towards our destructive ways as we‚ I have been forced to see life from a ghost perspective. Could this be a warning? A realisation of our place in this world? We are not superior against nature. Although my main focus is towards nature and our connection with it. I am always ready for a challenge and eager to indulge in a variety of different concepts and topics.

Angel Graham
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Fine Art, Photography


Foundation Art

Project Date

May, 2020


I plan to study Contemporary Art in the University of South Devon, continuing to develop and grow both personally and professionally. I’m eager to collaborate with other artists, sharing and questioning each other’s concepts and ideas.

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