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Pav Szymanski

Project Description

Through my projects I feel that I discover my inner fears, longings and re-evaluate my uncertainties. My work seems to be an attempt to explore and question by metaphorical presentation my response to the hidden truths of the world. The essence of the value of these works is in their inherent meaning and an atmosphere, which manifests itself in the dusk of the space portrayed, thus the light may appear, where the hue of colour fulfils clarity and sounds with harmonious melody. My current research project questions responses from people, who are suspended in the vacuum of hypnotic repetition through poverty and deprivation. I have spent my life travelling and recording human existence in the most distant and exotic locations in 99 countries. My project is a metaphorical attempt to formulate a response to my observations of people, who are entrapped in waiting, while being suspended in the vacuum of hypnotic repetition.

Pawel Szymanski
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Fine Art



Project Date

May, 2020


I am going to continue to develop my professional career as an artist. My current research expedition to Myanmar is on hold due to the pandemic. However, it will be resumed as soon as conditions allow. Additionally, I have already prepared a 7-week trip to Madagascar to interview and paint a range of local people in the most remote South West region of the island. The success and progress of my project does not depend solely on my ability to travel. I have established contact with those people already and gathered information and visual resources. I am in the process of preparing for a larger gallery exposure to communicate some truths, which are often overlooked and unknown by people in the West. Currently, I am preparing for a large-scale solo exhibition.

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