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Ruby Christie

Project Description

I wanted to convey the idea of different perspectives through reflections. I’m drawn towards things that dazzle and sparkle... jewels, mirrors, water, crystals, glitter and chandeliers. Especially during this time of lockdown... it can feel like a negative, depressing situation but on reflection something beautiful can be perceived. In the middle of my house A large chandelier hangs. Depending on the weather, time of day, natural or artificial light the chandelier sparkles and dances - constantly changing. In particular I notice the different facets of the individual crystals and each facet reflects something different. I want my final piece to incorporate the different facets of what the world is dealing with right now during COVID-19 The world is beautiful = ‘the chandelier’ COVID-19 = ‘different facets of the virus whether good or bad’. I’ll be using different media’s to capture my thoughts, fine art, ink work and photography.

Ruby Christie
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Fine Art, Photography, Mixed Media


L3 Art & Design Yr 2

Project Date

May, 2020


I would love to have any career where I can be creative, but I would love to be able to constantly produce works that shows off my love of pen work and detail! Also I would love to have my work displayed and sold from in a gallery.

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